Life Recovery is a faith based recovery group where people find hope, purpose and healing from life’s pain, difficulties and addictions. We help people find freedom from their struggles by applying the principles of recovery & faith to their daily lives.



We've witnessed countless individuals find freedom from their addictions at Life Recovery in Uhrichsville. While learning about the 12 steps of recovery, having open discussion about our problems and applying the principles laid out in the Life Recovery materials, we find that God is willing to partner with anybody in the midst of addiction as long as that person is willing to get open and honest about their struggles.

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Each week we read the Life Recovery materials to learn more about the

principles of recovery and how they can be applied to our daily lives.

Individuals get an opportunity to share their own experience, strength and hope as we discuss what we've read and how it may apply to our current situation.

As we commit to doing our part in the recovery process by going to meetings and learning about these principles, we leave the results up to God as He supplies us with the power needed to apply these principles to our lives and stay sober.


Tuesday's 7:30 PM


132 Kutcham Drive, Uhrichsville OH 44683

Our Ministry Leaders

Shane Kamban: Men


Connie Stoneking: Women



"At first I didn't think I wanted recovery, but after going to a few meetings and learning more about the steps, I found out that I didn't have to live a life defined by my addiction. I did my best to work the steps and now I live a life I never thought possible; I wake up every day thankful for the life I've been given. In the beginning my mind was all over the place, but the Life Recovery materials made the principles of recovery easy to follow; this meeting was the very thing that lead me back to a relationship with God and I'm forever grateful."

- Austin Kamban | 2.5 Years of Sobriety